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Groupon Now! Reaches 1.5 Million Deals

Groupon has come a long way since its launch, and its real-time location-based service Groupon Now! has gone even further - selling 1.5 million deals in just under 12 months.

Not a bad feat, some would say - but considering the original daily deals Groupon platform took 15 months to reach this figure, Groupon Now! has exceeded consumers' expectations by reaching this benchmark.

Dan Roarty, VP of Groupon Now! explained: "In just one year Groupon Now! has hit a milestone that took the original Groupon deal platform 15 months to accomplish. We continue to attract new merchants looking for an effective way to bring in a steady stream of customers on the days and times they choose and are now live in 31 of 175 North American Groupon markets with more launching soon."

The unveling of Groupon Now! came about in May 2011, where instead of announcing one deal a day within the user's location, offered a whole host of deals at any point of the day - so if the user is walking in a particular area wanting to know what local deals are available, Groupon Now! would inform them as and when any deals were nearby.

According to Groupon, the Groupon Now! service is currently available in 31 of 175 North American Groupon markets - but has plans to introduce Groupon Now to additional markets in the not-so-distant future.

Source: CNET (opens in new tab)

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