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Half Of Smartphone Owners Use Under 100MB Of Data

49 per cent of UK smartphone owners use less than 100MB of data per month, yet pay for far more than that amount via their tariff.

This is the latest piece of research into mismatched mobile contracts from Billmonitor, which noted that 88 per cent of those analysed by the report paid for an allowance of 500MB.

The report data is drawn from over 200,000 UK customers, who have used Billmonitor's bill analysis service.

Confusion over, and a lack of information regarding mobile tariffs, are the primary factors when it comes to this contract overspending, argues Billmonitor. Many smartphone owners don't have much of a clue about how much data they are actually using, for common activities on their mobile phone. Dabblers, and infrequent surfers, tend to err on the safe side, fearing stories of bill shock.

Many casual surfers would be fine on a contract with a 250MB allowance, and such folks who are about to get their first smartphone would do well to consider such a plan, the company notes.

The report put the data use of the average UK smartphone user at 154MB per month, double the figure it was 18 months ago at 71MB. Almost 30 per cent of smartphone owners are heavier users, chewing through more than 250MB per month.

Source: Billmonitor Blog