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Ikea Creates Cardboard Digital Eco-Camera

Ikea has created an eco-friendly digital camera made almost entirely of cardboard.

The eco-camera was designed by Swedish designer Jesper Kouthoofd. It is powered by two AA batteries and connects to a computer via USB. The Knappa can take 40 pictures at 2.3 megapixels.

The Knappa camera is not for sale, rather the cameras will be given away at certain Ikea stores. The move is part of the marketing campaign for the PS at Home project. The aim of the Knappa is for consumers to take photos of the furniture in the stores that they like, and then share on the Ikea website.

A spokesman for Ikea confirmed that the firm is not going to "move into selling any digital equipment" and that the Knappa "is part of the launch activities for the new furniture collection."

Ikea recently announced their home theatre system, the Uppleva. The system includes a DVD/Blu-ray/CD player, 2.1 sound system, portable sub-woofer and a Smart TV. The system launches in selected European stores in June of this year.

Ikea has already shown interest in eco-friendly options. Last year it revealed its solar power project and equipped one of the Californian stores with solar panels. According to the firm, the solar panels generate enough energy needed for 64 homes for a year.

Source: BBC (opens in new tab)