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Intel Cheap Ivy Bridge CPU To Face Octocore AMD FX-8120 CPU

More retailers including the likes of Aria, Scan and Overclockers have started to sell Intel's third generation Core processor, Ivy Bridge, for as little as £143. However, it will face some competition from AMD's unlocked 8-core CPU, the FX 8120.

The product is hailed by the company as the world's first native 8-core desktop processor with massive overclocking capabilities, a new Bulldozer architecture and a 32nm manufacturing process.

The FX8120 has a clock speed of 3.1GHz (Turbo speed up to 4GHz), uses the socket AM3+, has a TDP of 125W, supports DDR3-1866 memory and has 16MB L3 shared cache plus a retail heatsink fan and three years warranty.

What's more, it is unlocked which allows users to overclock it without any restrictions (as it was the case in the past) and costs a mere £121.12 at PC Suppliers, that's around £13 per core.

But how it will fare against the Core i5 3450 remains to be seen. Intel's cheapest Ivy Bridge part on the market costs £143 and although it runs at the same speed, only packs four cores and 6MB L3 cache is likely to be significantly faster than the FX8120.

Source : PC Suppliers

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