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LG LU2700S: A Handset For The Blind

LG has produced a new phone, designed to be usable by the blind. The LG LU2700S is a flip phone that the company has unveiled on its Facebook page, noting: "If you can read this wall post, then you are blessed!"

But for those who don't have the precious gift of vision, the company has decided to produce a special smartphone which is operated via simple voice commands. LG says that the handset can facilitate taking pictures, listening to music, and making phone calls - all via voice technology.

The instruction manual for the device has also been prepared in Braille, so that it can be read by visually impaired individuals.

LG has already given away a couple of thousand units of these phones. The company said: "[The LU2700S] may not have LTE speed or 4X HD multi-tasking, but it has heart and soul. As part of LG's donation program, 2,000 of the phones were given away. From time to time, we should remember that all this, was for better communication and better understanding of our neighbours and loved ones."

Whether or not the phone will actually be available to purchase, aside from the donation program, isn't clear as yet but keen Facebook followers of LG are already asking if this is the case.

UPDATE: LG has confirmed to ITProPortal "they are for donation only."