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Nvidia GTX 690 Twin GPU Card Revealed

Nvidia has debuted its top of the line, dual GPU monster for this generation, the GTX 690. Featuring 4GB of onboard memory and a near 1GHz base clock, the card is said to deliver unprecedented performance, though you'll have to pay through the nose for it.

Designed with real attention to detail, Nvidia looks to have built something unique with the GTX 690. Not only is it powerful and energy efficient thanks to the use of the Kepler architecture, but its structure and look are quite different too. There's chromium plating on the exterior to give it a matte finish and a fan housing made of "injection molded magnesium alloy."

Apparently the reason for this is that it's light, has great heat dissipation and sound dampening properties.

The raw hardware of the card, however, is equally impressive. The 690 features 3,072 CUDA cores, and backs up the healthy dollop of GDDR5 with a 512-bit memory interface. This provides memory throughput of 6.0Gbps. Despite this, the total TDP is said to be just 300w.

While we'll need to wait for a review sample before we can confirm the numbers, Nvidia has a few benchmark results of its own. They show the 690 against its single cored sibling, the GTX 680, and in most instances, the bigger card ends up with near double the frames per second in each instance.

It can even deliver nearly 60fps in Batman: Arkham City at 2,560 x 1,600 resolution, with 4x AA and 16x AF.

When released, the card will purportedly cost $999, which if equally converted would cost around £615. However, it'll likely bump up a little on these shores, so expect it to break the £700 barrier.

Check out the Nvidia website (opens in new tab) for more info.

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