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Radiation Tracking App Appears For Android

The Tawkon app is now available on Android smartphones, allowing users of the Google OS to track the amount of radiation they've taken in, by using the handset.

Initially turned down by the Apple app store - and told by Steve Jobs himself that the company had "no interest" in the application - Tawkon now offers a very customised Android experience. This is quite counter to the company's position just a year ago, when it branded itself to attract Apple users.

"We went through quite a huge rebranding process of the entire company," said co-founder at Tawkon, Amit Lubovsky. "The app, the message, the website, the market we're trying to reach, everything has been rethought - and for the better."

Initially, the Tawkon application was built around early adopters. It had a geeky feel to it, with lots of graphs and tables, giving detailed statistics in a clinical manner. The new version is aimed much more at the average consumer, offering information in a more simple to absorb fashion.

The app works using an in-house developed algorithm - patent pending - to calculate the amount of radiation that a user has absorbed, based on the time period the phone was used for; what antenna it has; the network band the handset is on and whether the user is utilising a headset, or speaker function.

While another study (opens in new tab) was published recently, which showed there was little danger from mobile phone radiation, more research is on-going. The popularity of this app could prove to be an interesting measure of public concern.

Google play: tawkon app (opens in new tab)

Source: Wired (opens in new tab)

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