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SEGA CEO To Step Down

SEGA's long-term EU and US CEO Mike Hayes has announced that he intends to step down from the role this summer, taking on an advisory position.

First coming to prominence in the late 90s for his work on the localisations of Starcraft, Mr Hayes joined Sega in 2004 as managing director, eventually taking on the presidential position in 2005.

Throughout the mid 2000s, he's been credited with helping turn around the company's fortunes, from a hardware manufacturer into one that's purely software focused. He was also very involved with the buyout of developers Sports Interactive and The Creative Assembly. As well as this, he's worked on bringing the House of Sonic into the 21st century - though admittedly the titles it's produced have been very hit and miss.

President and representative director at Sega, Naoya Tsurumi commented on Mike's announcement, saying: "Mike has achieved a huge amount during his time at SEGA and we thank him for the amazing things he has accomplished.

"Mike is a great character and very passionate about the industry, he helped steer the extraordinary growth of SEGA and has built an exceptional team of professionals that will stand us in good stead for the future."

Mr Hayes has said he plans to work within and without the industry in the coming years, but purely in an advisory role.

Source: C&VG (opens in new tab)

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