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Six Year File Sharing Court Case Comes To A Close

A file sharing court case that has taken six years to come to completion has finally done so, seeing the originally charged 17-year-old (now 23) fined 880 euros and given a two month suspended jail sentence.

The prosecution in this case was working for the Portuguese Phonographic Association (PPA), a group that pledged several years ago to try and 'persuade' file sharers through court room examples that going to the shop to purchase music was the way to go. Several legal actions have been brought in the ensuing years, with the one in question ongoing for over half a decade.

Initially accused of illegally sharing several hundred songs online, the defendant in this case was eventually - due to lack of evidence - only charged with sharing three tracks. Two from local artists and one from Alanis Morissette.

As an aftermath to the case, the PPA has said it will discontinue its strategy of targeting file sharers with legal action, stating that this tactic is ineffective with the law as it is now. The head of the organisation, Eduardo Simoes, called for the government to make changes to its copyright law to make more effective law enforcing possible. He also suggested a three strikes measure which has seen some use in other countries.

Not here in the UK though. Not until 2014 anyway.

Source: TorrentFreak