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Yahoo! Accuses Facebook Of Retaliation Over Patent Acquisition

Facebook is in Yahoo!'s firing line after the social networking site infringed on 12 of its ten patents, according to court papers filed last Friday.

In addition, Yahoo! says Facebook violated an agreement between the two companies to inform each other of potential patent infringements before filing a court claim.

"On information and belief, many, if not all, of these patents were acquired by Facebook for purposes of retaliation against Yahoo! in this case," Yahoo! stated in the filing on Friday.

Now, just in case you had been living under a rock and missed all this legal hoo-hah, the course of events went like this: Yahoo! first sued Facebook over ten patents, followed by Facebook retorting to this by countersuing Yahoo! over ten of its patents - but now, Yahoo! has alleged Facebook of infringing upon two more of its patents, bringing the total number of patent disputes to 22. Got that? Good.

Needless to say, Yahoo! wasn't best pleased about Facebook's dealings, and accused the company of buying the patents in order to countersue.

"Unless Facebook has unlawfully acquired Yahoo confidential business information, Facebook could not have developed a good-faith basis for many of the infringement allegations in its counterclaims," Yahoo's lawyers explained in the papers.

However, many are viewing Yahoo!'s actions in suing Facebook as an opportunity to grab a slice of the IPO pie - before the social networking site seeks to raise $5 billion for its initial public offering.

Source: The Huffington Post (opens in new tab)

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