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4G Will Boost UK GDP By £75 Billion

Everything Everywhere (EE) is certainly beating the next-gen mobile broadband drum at the moment, releasing details of a new study that points out the major benefits of 4G.

According to the report commissioned by EE and carried out by Capital Economics, the UK will see considerable economic benefits from 4G. In fact, 4G will add an estimated 0.5 per cent to UK Gross Domestic Product or around £75 billion, within a decade.

The study claims the 4G roll out will also unlock £5.5 billion of private investment, into the UK economy by 2015, not including the revenue from the spectrum auctions. Next-gen mobile broadband is also expected to provide super-fast surfing to at least 10 million citizens, who won't get super-fast fixed line broadband, by the end of the decade.

Finally, the report states that 4G will create or safeguard something like 125,000 jobs in the UK.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of Everything Everywhere, commented: "This research highlights the significant economic and social benefits that 4G will bring to the UK - already enjoyed in over 30 countries around the world."

"The UK has the highest levels of smartphone penetration and mobile commerce in Europe, and Britons deserve to have the best infrastructure in place to support this growth."

EE does have something of a vested interest in the speediest deployment of 4G possible, as the network can be the first to market before the end of 2012. The firm already owns the spectrum it can use, ahead of the 4G auction.

As we reported yesterday, EE is spearheading a campaign extolling the virtues of fourth-generation mobile broadband, and bringing 4G to the UK, as soon as possible. This is another veiled attempt to help push its own proposal to kick off 4G past Ofcom, rival networks argue.

A Three spokesman called the initiative: "a campaign to push for and protect a potential monopoly position."