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A Hardware Keyboard Was On The Cards For The First iPhone

Five years after the iPhone changed the mobile phone market, we get a rare insight into its creation. Tony Fadell, one of Apple executives who was involved in the making of the original iPhone has revealed the inception process.

He has revealed, in a recent interview, that Apple has considered three different iPhone prototypes. One of the topics that generated heated discussions, between Steve Jobs and his teams, was the presence or the absence of a physical keyboard.

Apple has seriously considered introducing a hardware keyboard because "it made sense" at the time. When the iPhone was created in Apple's labs, the market was dominated by Research in Motion and its BlackBerry smartphones.

Consequently, the top smartphones available at the time had physical keyboards that users considered effective. In the end, the lack of space and the portability limitations eliminated this possibility.

The touch screen keyboard has made its way to all the three iPhone prototypes. Another one of the prototypes that didn't make the final cut, was an iPod-phone hybrid. This design was dismissed because the team considered it too small. The iconic iPhone was then introduced, to the market, in January 2007.

Source: TheVerge

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