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Apple Accounts For 80 Per Cent Of Mobile Phone Business In Q1

The first calendar quarter of this year has highlighted the landscape of the mobile phone business. It has become more obvious that this is a two-horse race, with Apple leading and Samsung being the main challenger for the top spot.

The rest of the companies in the race are just tagging along. The two tech giants have managed to earn 74 per cent of the revenue, in the mobile handset industry.

Raymond James analyst, Tavis McCourt, has explained to Forbes that the mobile phone business is now mature. The most obvious trend is that the customer has left behind the feature phones.

"With smartphone upgrade cycles in the developed world now slowing due to higher penetration rates and emerging market growth slowing, the global handset industry appears to be officially mature from a unit perspective", said Tavis McCourt.

While Apple and Samsung are rising fast, other analysts are wondering what other players might do. Raymond James points out that other companies will find it hard to fund the Research and Development departments, and also marketing, to effectively compete with the market leaders.

Microsoft is expected to invest heavily in its partners, in order to push its platform to a better position in the smartphone market.

Source: Forbes

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