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Apple Arranges Settlement Talks With Samsung On 21st and 22nd May

Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court for the Northern District of California has ordered Apple and Samsung to meet under court supervision to settle their disputes. The meeting was supposed to take place in June, but both companies have agreed to meet ahead the schedule, on 21st and 22nd May.

The settlement talks will take place in a San Francisco courthouse and both CEOs with their leading lawyers are expected to attend. Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero was assigned to oversee the settlement conference.

Both parties are required to present a settlement statement by 9th May. Magistrate Judge Spero has advised the companies to provide "a candid evaluation of the parties' likelihood of prevailing on the claims and defences".

It is worth mentioning that the official document puts the emphasis on the honesty of the pre-talks assessment of the situation. The analysts believe that it is pure wishful thinking to expect Apple and Samsung to end the legal war.

The two companies have filed several lawsuits against each other, 27 in Europe and four in the US, Japan, South Korea and Australia. Florian Mueller, who followed the dispute, has counted over 50 initial filings the two companies are arguing against each other.

Source: FossPatents

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