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First Kickstarter Scam Appears - Shutdown

Everyone knew it would happen at some point and it now appeats that the moment has finally arrived. Kickstarter, the fan-funding service that was popularised by Double Team's Point and Click Adventure fundraising has seen its first scam - fortunately, it's already been shut down.

Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men was the game that was purpotedly in development. Despite being a very ambitious sounding game created by "12 industry veterans" and combining the graphics of Skyrim with the gameplay and scope of World of Warcraft, it still needed fans to trump up $80,000 to get it finished.

However, it wasn't long after the funding request began that commenters noticed similarities between the concept art said to be from the game and competitions at as well as character art from Genzoman. On top of this, the official Mythic Page was a free blog account, throwing up a red flag for most any who visited it to learn more about the fabled game.

Both the website and Kickstarter campaign are now closed (with the creator not getting a cent), though the latter can still be viewed, with all its initial lies and comments from those lambasting the creator. Funnily enough, the man behind the scam showed his face in the video about the 'game' surprising many since he's now a known scammer.

It won't be long before his Facebook and similar accounts are discovered if the Internet's reputation is anything to go by.

Hopefully this scam won't tarnish Kickstarter, though some fans have expressed surprise at the fact that it got through the site's quality assurance without being flagged as a potential scam.

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