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Angry Birds Theme Park Section Launches

Angry Birds Land has opened at the Finland Särkänniemi Adventure Park, adding 12 new rides for locals and visitors to enjoy, all themed around the bird flinging, pig hitting mobile game.

Along with the rides themselves, children and child-like adults will have access to several themed food outlets - perhaps only serving pork? - and an adventure playground.

The game's developer Rovio, had a hand in the building and design of the park section, much like the small playground experiences that have popped up in other countries. This is however just one section of the many Angry Birds spin-off products, including plushies, toys, clothing, cups, glasses and more.

While the new park section is now open, there are still a few attractions that aren't quite ready - let's hope they haven't employed Dennis Nedry. This includes a section where visitors can bring their smartphone and "upgrade" their Angry Birds game with park specific content.

"The opening of Angry Birds Land in Särkänniemi is a really big deal for us", said head of the park Miikka Seppälä. "The theme and design of Angry Birds is internationally renowned, so we are delighted to welcome visitors from around the globe to experience the product for themselves."

Those new to the game can try out demos in different areas of the park, allowing the rides and attractions to bring in new gamers, as well as vice versa.

Source: Eurogamer

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