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Google To Launch Comparison Tool For Financial Products

They say that what goes up, must come down - but with Google, the pattern reverses, as whilst Google Wave officially closed up shop today, the Redmond-based firm has unveiled a tool that will compare financial products.

The new facility works like so: users type in a specific financial service such as a credit card (using Google, of course), with the search results displaying ad units as well as a range of competitive prices relating to the query.

But with a successful Google Maps system and Google+ service under the company's belt, why go down the financial comparison avenue?

Well that's because just last year, Google bought comparison site - with the UK company feeling pretty pleased at the new deal:

" was sold to Google for GBP37.7 million. We think this deal is a tremendous opportunity for our company to develop new and innovative options for personal finance in the UK."

"Our team is excited about becoming a part of Google. We look forward to working with their engineers to create new tools making it easier for consumers to choose the right financial products. We think we can offer more transparency and better pricing information than existing online offerings."

Yesterday marked the launch of the the new service, however, it will only be available to those in the UK and US - but will be rolled out to a wider audience later this week.

Source: The Next Web

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