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India, China & Russia Put On US Copyright “Watch List”

America has revealed its latest annual list of nations which have bad track records when it comes to the theft of intellectual property, and copyright protection.

The "priority watch list" added Argentina, Canada and India, alongside Indonesia, Algeria, Chile, Thailand, Pakistan, the Ukraine, Venezuela and Israel. Russia and China were both present on the list, once again - along with Canada, which has apparently failed to lick its copyright laws into decent enough shape for America's liking.

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk noted in a statement: "This year's Special 301 Report is more significant than ever in light of recent U.S. Government data showing that IP-intensive industries support as many as 40 million American jobs and up to 60 per cent of U.S. exports."

While being named on the list doesn't actually mean anything in terms of action taken against a country by the US, the scheme is designed to embarrass and prod governments to tighten up their copyright legislation.

There's also a lower grade list for more minor offenders, which runs to 28 countries this year. Nations with small black copyright marks against them include Brazil, Finland, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Mexico.

Spain and Malaysia escaped from the lower list this year, having improved their policies since the last report was issued.

Source: Reuters