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Instagram Surpasses 50 Million Users, Adds 5 Million Per Week

Following Facebook's acquisition of Instagram last month, the photo-sharing app has risen through the social networking ranks to be one of the world's most popular online services - and has celebrated its phenomenal success by reaching a userbase of approximately 50 million, as well as adding 5 million users each week.

In April, Instagram had around 30 million users signed up to the service, but gained 10 million more mid-April - not bad considering the app entered our mobile lives in 2012 with 15 million users.

However, let's not forget that its recent release on Android devices after only being available for iOS users will surely have given a boost to the service - not to mention reaching the top spot on the iOS App store following its recent deal with Facebook.

Reaching such a benchmark is quite a feat, but who is the mysterious 50th million user? Someone named fox289, apparently. Whilst no photos have been posted to his or her profile yet, it's not too much of an issue with Instagram - as with the millions of other users circulating the site (and possibly another few million waiting to sign up), Instagram has proved itself a valuable commodity both personally amongst its users, and professionally - isn't that right Facebook?

Source: Mashable

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