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iOS Developer Wants To Change Name For Ticket To WWDC 2012

If you are a dedicated developer for the iOS platform, you need to be in San Francisco from June 11 to June 15. Apple has announced its annual Worldwide Developer Conference and has provided tickets, for interested partners.

These non-transferable tickets were sold out in two hours, leaving many developers unhappy. One of the customers, who was losing the opportunity to attend, found a way around Apple's restrictions. He has announced that he wants to buy a ticket, with a $500 bonus for the seller.

In order to benefit from the ticket, he let everybody know that he is willing to legally change his name to match the name on the ticket. The announcement was published anonymously on Craigslist (now removed) and we can assume the man's name is Jebodiah, as he offered $500 more - if the seller has this name.

In addition to an enticing price, the eager iOS developer promised to do a few tasks for the ticket seller. As they will share the same name, the desperate coder will perform a few tasks for the ticket provider.

These will include jury duty, any court-ordered community service up to 40 hours, looking after a vehicle licence and registration at the department of motor vehicles, and "visit your senile grandfather once a month."

Source: BGR

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