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Kindle Fire Users Get Draw Something

One of the most popular social drawing games in iTunes and Google Play has now come to Amazon users, with the company announcing the news on its Twitter account just a few days earlier.

Amazon Appstore delivers both Draw Something apps, the free game with advertisements and a $1.99 version. The new app available for Kindle Fire users will benefit from the latest updates of the game.

The players will be able to attach comments to their masterpieces as well as share these comments over the social networks or by email. The game from OMGPOP is advertised as a top app, both free and paid, and is one of the most popular games in the world - attracting users in over 80 countries.

The game's success convinced Zynga to pay $180 million as well as an additional $30 million in employee retention bonuses to acquire the developer of Draw Something.

Analysts believe that OMGPOP earns $250,000 daily from the iOS app, even after Apple takes its 30 per cent cut. In addition to the paid version, there is a free Draw something app, which generates 1 billion impressions every day.

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