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Late News: Samsung Galaxy S3 Benchmarks Confirmed, Apple, Samsung Settlement Talks, Sony Patents Dual Sliding Keyboard Mechanism

Last week, the popular benchmarking application for Android, AnTuTu, contained some interesting data about an unreleased phone: the Galaxy S3. Now, it seems that app creators have confirmed the validity of the data, while claiming to hold further details of the device. As mentioned to a TechRadar member, AnTuTu has stated: "What we got is not only scores, but information on smartphones, so we can surely say it is Samsung I9300."

Everything Everywhere (EE) is certainly beating the next-gen mobile broadband drum at the moment, releasing details of a new study that points out the major benefits of 4G. According to the report commissioned by EE and carried out by Capital Economics, the UK will see considerable economic benefits from 4G. In fact, 4G will add an estimated 0.5 per cent to UK Gross Domestic Product or around £75 billion, within a decade.

Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court for the Northern District of California has ordered Apple and Samsung to meet under court supervision to settle their disputes. The meeting was supposed to take place in June, but both companies have agreed to meet ahead the schedule, on 21st and 22nd May. The settlement talks will take place in a San Francisco courthouse and both CEOs with their leading lawyers are expected to attend.

Designed to be "the Google for app stores", helping users to find the right apps for their favourite platform, Chomp is no longer available for Android devices. Apple bought Chomp earlier this year, with the intended purpose to make searches in its App Store more functional. In February, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple paid $50 million for the San Francisco company.

If you believe that the physical keyboards of the smartphones are living their last days, think again. Sony has just filed a new patent describing not one, but two sliding pieces of hardware that attach themselves to smartphones and provide extra functionality. Sony's new patent, filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office just a couple of days ago, describes "electronic devices having multiple keypads and related methods."

The phone will be launched this coming Thursday at an invite-only event in London where will be reporting via Rob Kerr, our mobile editor. You can read more about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and all the gossip surrounding what could turn up to be the biggest non-Apple event of the year on our dedicated liveblog. We will covering the event live from Thursday at 1800 GMT.