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LG Might Strengthen Bonds With Windows Phone

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, will visit Korea for the annual Digital Forum conference where he is expected to engage with several local industry representatives, including LG, possibly tying a partnership that will result in the company's adaptation of Windows Phone OS.

The conference will take place in Seoul on 22nd May, where Ballmer is expected to make a speech. Sources claim that this conference might not be the only purpose of the Microsoft's CEO visit overseas, as several local industry specialists will also be attending.

Amongst the mentioned, it seems that LG's CEO Koo Bon-joon will be present, and a possible renewed partnership between the two companies may be discussed.

As for Ballmer's itinerary, a Microsoft Korea spokesman stated that the CEO will only be staying for a day in Seoul and will talk about "the new era of technology", without mentioning fixed details of his business meeting schedule. An LG spokesperson also stated that they were yet unaware of the meeting.

LG is one of the earliest Windows adaptors, having launched nine different phones in the US and over 26 worldwide, some of them reaching Europe as well (such as the LG Optimus 7 E900).

After a couple of years with low sales LG opted to focus more on the Android than on Windows Phone, and the partnership with Microsoft soon came to be forgotten.

Now, with Nokia betting heavily on the OS, the Redmond-based software giant might have something to win over LG once again.

Source: KoreaHerald