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Mac App Store Now Has 10,000 Apps

Apple recently managed to conquer an important benchmark, without making a big deal out of it despite its love for big headlines. As French site MacGeneration noticed, Apple's Mac App Store now has 10,000 apps.

The dedicated online service where Mac users can get their apps was launched at the beginning of last year. On its debut, the Mac App Store had 1,000 apps. Then in December of last year, Apple announced that the company's app store accounted for 100 million downloads.

At the time, Apple took the opportunity to announce the success by saying it owns "the largest and fastest growing PC software in the world." The Mac App Store allows users to buy individual pieces of software without needing DVD bundles.

Mac users have to upgrade to Snow Leopard OS X in order to access the Mac App Store. After a year and four months after the release, the Mac App Store broke an important milestone by hosting ten times more apps than it first had on its launch.

AppShopper confirms the findings of the French team and reports 10,354 apps available for Mac owners. By comparison, the iOS App Store has 600,000 apps and more than a third of them are dedicated to Apple's tablets.

Source: MacGeneration

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