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Nvidia GTX 670 Detailed

Hot off the back of Nvidia's dual Kepler GPU GTX 690 being unveiled, some images and details of the more mid-range Nvidia GTX 670 card have appeared. While these haven't been confirmed by Nvidia, they were captured by a viewer of a popular retailer that jumped the gun, publishing the details of the card on its website.

The card in question looks to be a Leadtek OC version, so the reference card is likely to be a bit slower. However, this version doesn't seem to have many differences compared to its bigger brother, the GTX 680:



According to the stats posted over at VideoCardz, this GTX 670 will feature the same 1,006Mhz base clock, the same 2GB of RAM and 256bit memory interface. The only real difference will be in the number of CUDA cores which are reduced from 1,536 on the GTX 680, down to 1,344 on the GTX 670.

The price is also different, with the latter listed at 1289 Malaysian ringgits, which works out at just over £260. We can assume a slight price jump when it arrives here however, so expect something closer to £300, especially for an overclocked version.

While with the GTX 690 we learned of a revamped cooler and redesigned shroud, the GTX 670 looks much more traditional with a front placed fan and black plastic covering.

Image credit: Hexus

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