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Pirate Party Responds To TPB UK Block Order

Leader of the Pirate Party UK, Loz Kaye, has spoken out about the announcement from the UK's High Court, in that torrent link site The Pirate Bay would be blocked by the top five Internet service providers.

"It is a sad day for the UK, and a further step on the slippery slope to Internet censorship. While the government praises the benefits of digital rights abroad, it is unable to practice what it preaches at home. Site blocking is nothing more than censorship, and it does nothing to help artists."

The British Phonographic Organisation (BPI) lobbied heavily for the block to be enacted, with the leader of the group, Geoff Taylor, announcing his pleasure at the ruling yesterday. However he and the court failed to take into consideration the Newzbin2 case, which saw all those using the site for pirated content circumvent the block in days. The people hurt by a block like this are those using sites like TPB legitimately. People like Dan Bull who have used it to promote his music - leading to a reasonable rank on several charts.

"Site blocking isn't the solution to anything - it's just censorship," Loz Kaye continued. "[It's] ineffective censorship at that. It's laughably easy to circumvent; we've been running a Pirate Bay proxy for ages, and there are many others out there. In the meantime, the public interest suffers, the big ISPs suffer because they have to censor the internet while their smaller rivals don't, and artists suffer because they've lost a new and innovative platform."

He finished his post on the Pirate Party site by saying that the government needed to come clean about its strategy. If it intends to continue down the road of Internet censorhip, the Pirate Party wants to be there to protest it.

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