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RIM Announces BlackBerry Music Gateway

BlackBerry manufacturer, RIM, has announced its audio streaming service "BlackBerry Music Gateway." The near-field communication (NFC) device wirelessly streams music and users can control their music whilst up to 30 feet away.

"The new BlackBerry Music Gateway," says RIM, "lets you wirelessly play music to your home or car stereo from your BlackBerry® smartphone, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet or any Bluetooth® enabled device."

Users can also plug in any piece of equipment through a 3.5mm audio jack. The device will allow multitasking, meaning that consumers can use other apps whilst streaming music. The BlackBerry Music Gateway will also pause the music during a phone call.

The BlackBerry Music Gateway has been given a shipping date of June 2012 and the device will also be available online at the BlackBerry shop. The device has been given the US price of $49.99.

"Getting music on your BlackBerry has never been easier," claims RIM. "Customers can sync their personal music library, purchase albums and songs from the BlackBerry Music Store or stream music from the numerous BlackBerry App World™ music apps such as BBM™ Music, Pandora or Slacker, for a rich multimedia experience."

RIM has also recently claimed ownership of the "Wake Up" campaign that has been appearing in the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne which has involved a flashmob of protesters and critic posters.