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Sony Xperia ST21i Mobile Phone Leaked Running ICS

A new Sony device has been leaked online this week, code named the ST21i. The device is expected to run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android operating software.

According to the leaked photos and information, the next Sony Xperia device will boast an 800MHz processor and a 3-megapixel camera. These specifications suggest that the device will be an entry-level smartphone, rather than a high-end handset. It will be one of the few budget smartphones to be found running ICS.

Unfortunately, the device is rumoured to have a processor that is below 1GHz, which may give the phone a slow processing time, especially for running Android 4.0. Other smartphone manufactures, such as Samsung, as an example, have avoiding putting ICS on lower end phones, like the Galaxy Ace. Samsung claims that the phone's less capable hardware wouldn't be able to handle the software.

The screen resolution is also pegged at a low 480 x 320 pixels, which is unlikely to make the phone ideal for web browsing.

Sony is yet to announce a release date for the phone, or a price at which the device will be available.

Source: CNET

Picture Credit: Techblog