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The Internet Slowed Down Last Quarter

In its latest State of the Internet report, Akamai Technologies has shown an overall slowdown in the global Internet. Average connection speeds have dropped across the board, with a world wide 14 per cent reduction.

Closer to home, the UK saw a drop of 4 per cent itself, with the average connection speed slipping from 5.1Mbps to 4.9Mbps. However, the world average has now dropped to 2.3Mbps, so we're hardly the worst of the bunch.

Topping the table as usual is South Korea, with a monstrous 17.5MBps average, noting a near 5 per cent rise in the average speed over the last quarter. Compared to last year however, it's almost 30 per cent quicker.

The global downturn is a shame, but it's only based on the last quarter vs the one before. If you look to the year on year changes, the world's Internet speed average has increased by almost 20 per cent. While Akamai has no official explanation for the latest decline, it could be due to more people using larger amounts of data and thereby restricting the local bandwidth of other users due to contention ratio constraints.

Out of the top ten countries for Internet speed, only South Korea and Japan saw an increase. Hong Kong, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland and Ireland all saw several percentage reductions in the average download rate.

Source, Picture: Akamai

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