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Vodafone Announces Update For The Nokia Lumia 800

Vodafone has publicised the release of the 12072 update for Nokia Lumia 800's in Australia, where the update is supposed to improve battery life and the phone's camera.

"Great news for those of you eagerly awaiting an update to your Nokia Lumia 800", reads the blog from the Australian sector of Vodafone.

The update began to roll out Wednesday last week, but will take 24 days in total for the update to become available to all devices. Once the update is available for a particular mobile, the owner will be notified and prompted to plug their Lumia 800, into their computer.

The update promises "better battery performance", which is sure to please owners of the smartphone as apps are thirsty things. The camera will also receive improvements. The update will cause the camera to automatically detect 50/60Hz "to remove flicker in stills and videos", which happens when the camera is not adjusted to the electricity source. The user will benefit from unexplained "updated camera settings", as well as "improved charger detection".

The Nokia Lumia 800 runs the Windows Phone 7.5 OS and boasts an 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens based camera, which also records 720p video. It features a 3.7in screen, 1.4GHz processor and 16GB of internal memory.

Wpcental has noted that "We are getting tips that Vodafone Spain, Australia and U.K. customers are receiving the update."