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Wal-Mart Sells 11 Per Cent Of iPads

The landscape of iPad channel distribution seems to be under constant reshaping. Among Apple's most favoured retail partners, Wal-Mart has a growing importance.

The retail chain is "an increasingly more substantial partner in the iPad space... and an evolving partner on iPhone. And so we're working with them and enjoy working with them and hope to continue expanding," pointed out Tim Cook at the recent earnings call.

A report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has revealed the numbers behind this assertion. The research firm has found that Wal-Mart is now the third distributor of iPads, with 11 per cent of all domestic sales.

Best Buy is the main Apple partner when it comes to iPad sales. According to the report, 24 per cent of iPads are sold to Best Buy customers.

Apple still leads the way with its website and retail chain, which sold 26 per cent of iPads. The downside for Apple is that its retail partners need a discounted price for iPads in order to boost sales.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners conducted the survey in February. The study focused on iPad owners who bought the device in the last 90 days.

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