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Washington Post To Poach Digg Staff?

Some staff members of former internet darling Digg could be on the verge of leaving the firm for US publisher Washington Post. The site, which was launched in 2004 by former Googler Kevin Rose, has often appeared on the radar as a potential acquisition target but nothing concrete ever surfaced.

The Next Web, Techcrunch and AllThings D have put together the pieces of what seems to be the story so far. The Washington Post will recruit (or as Techcrunch puts it acqhires) the entire Digg staff but neither the site or its assets which may still be put up for sale.

This also leave Digg's management with the gargantuan task of maintaining the site for now and either reviving it or getting rid of it. The Washington Post it seems doesn't want to emulate Conde Nast which bought the other social bookmarking service, Reddit, and kept it as a separate service.

The Next Web also mentions that the founder of Slashdot, Rob Malda, has been hired by WaPo to head up its Labs division. Ultimately though, it's all about the community as Slashdot and Reddit have proved it. Digg angered a lot of them when it changed its format a few years ago.

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All Things Digital

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