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Workers Could Start Strike At Foxconn Factory In Brazil

For months, the appalling working conditions of Foxconn workers in China has been the focal point of international debate. Now, the employees of a Foxconn factory in Jundiaí, Brazil have decided to raise concerns about their own situation.

The 2,500 employees working there have threatened to go on strike if in ten days the company won't take decisive measures to ease their working conditions. Brazil Foxconn workers have complained about overcrowded buses as well as the quality of food in the plant's canteens.

The hot weather makes the working conditions even harder, as there is no air conditioning and no water in the factory. The situation has since worsened after Foxconn decided to hire 1,000 additional workers, but without first adapting the transport infrastructure.

The company has also decided to save some money by not hiring trucks to transport water to the plant. The disgruntled employees gave Foxconn's officials until 3rd May to solve the problems.

According to reports, the company has already made some slight improvements. Foxconn representatives were reluctant to comment on the situation for the media. Earlier this year, rumours circulated that Foxconn is planning to build five more facilities in Brazil, each with 1,000 workers.

Source: TechGuru

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