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Apple Closes Retail Stores For Security Renovations

Last week, Apple decided to close some of its US Apple stores - and according to recent rumours, a dozen more Apple stores will be closed in the following days.

Apple hasn't officially disclosed any additional information about its closure other than its mysterious renovations. A recent report suggests that Apple might install a new security grate system.

The stores will remain closed between seven to ten days, as the company is securing its storefronts because of numerous burglaries.

Since last August, the company has started integrating additional security systems into their outlets. However, Apple fans shouldn't be too worried about how it will affect the appearance of their beloved stores, as the new gratings are extremely subtle and won't impact upon the store's image.

The new stores that will be closed in order to receive the security update include Los Gatos (CA), Coconut Point (FL), Leawood (KS), Friendly Center (NC), Manhasset (NY), and Bridgeport Village (OR). Last week, Apple closed their stores in Bethesda Row (MD), Village Pointe (NE), and Crocker Park (OH) for the same reason.

Apple stores suffer from vandalism quite often, as thieves find no difficulty in smashing the glass entrance and talking away a number of Apple products. Generally, the burglars are usually caught but the stolen devices cannot be recovered.

Source: MacRumors

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