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Bing Tidies Search Engine Results Page

Just as Google made its search page even more cluttered with the arrival of even more ad slots, Microsoft's Bing swooped in with a new version of its SERP (search engine results page) which some have even called Zen.

The main aspects of the redesign include a cleared out left rail, a cleaner header, relocated related searches and more subtle social aspect.

Still, some users have noted that while Google's SERP is busy and often quite confusing, it is accurate and speedy. Plus the its side bar allows power users to drill down to fine tune their search queries.

The problem for Microsoft though is that Google search no longer exists on its own and has been meshed with other (useful) services including Google Chrome, Gmail and others.

So much so that to leave Google search would prove to be more than a discomfort. But there may still be a place for smaller, nimbler search services like Duckduckgo or Wolfram Alpha and don't forget that users can actually create a curated list of sites that can be searched using Google Custom Search Engine.

On that, we do wonder whether there's a way of getting back the old, uncluttered Google user interface.

Source : Techcrunch

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