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codeREADr Authenticates NFC Transactions On Wristbands

Skycore LLC recently announced that the company is testing a mobile method to track and validate reusable, rewearable NFC-embedded wristbands. In order to validate the NFC wristbands, the user needs an NFC-enabled Android smartphone running on Ice Cream Sandwich and the codeREADr app.

The commercial codeREADr app is advertised as the first of its kind that allows mobile tracking and validation of both barcodes and NFC targets using Android 4.0. Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC, explained the need for vendors to join the rising trend of this technology.

"This year there will be many new NFC-enabled devices introduced well suited for mobile commerce and enterprise applications. One of the more prominent is the new, unlocked and aggressively priced ($399) Samsung Nexus available at Google Play."

One of the first companies to pilot the new technology is Mission Tix, a ticketing service provider from Baltimore. The company offers reusable NFC wristbands for event organisers.

People attending these events can recharge their NFC-based tickets online. "A single ID embedded in a barcode or NFC target can be tracked and validated at one venue or an unlimited number of venues and merchants," explained Eicher.

Source: MarketWire

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