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Facebook's Lifesaving Tool Sees 800% Boost For Californian Organ Donor Registry

The worldwide web waited with virtual breath after reports emerged that Facebook was to announce a 'lifesaving' feature on Tuesday - with the feature revealed to be the option to add whether you are an organ donor to your Timeline.

Naturally, the world went crazy at this news - so much so that after thousands of people declared their organ donor details on their Facebook, one Californian organisation that specialises in tracking registrants for organ donations noted an 800% increase since yesterday's breakthrough.

Donate Life California posted the following status on its Facebook Page:

"As of 12:30pm today, the Donate Life California registry has increased its online donor sign ups by nearly 800% from yesterday thanks to this mornings announcement of the partnership with Facebook! Thank you Facebook!"

For those who aren't already organ donors, users can add their donor registration status to their profile page simply by selecting the "Life Event" option followed by "Health & Wellness." However, this facility is only available for thos in the UK and US - but will be rolled out to other countries fairly soon.

Whilst organ donor campaigns have in recent years attempted to raise awareness within the public, not enough people have shown an interest in becoming an organ donor. Thanks to Facebook's new initiative, hopefully this will change.

Source: ZDNet

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