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Google Unveils BigQuery Big Data Analytics Service

Companies can now benefit from the expertise of Google in analysing big data as the search company now allows firms to upload their data to Google and then perform business analytics in the cloud thanks to a new service called BigQuery.

The move mirrors search services that Google sell to entreprises which are based on its experience as the world's largest search engine.

The service - which was available in limited preview since last November - will cost $0.12 per GB for up to 2TB of data just for storing data. Queries (up to 1000 a day) will cost $0.035 per GB for up to 20TB worth of data processed per day.

Developers and businesses can already sign up with Google for BigQuery online and query up to 100GB of data per month for free.

Google says that the service is available via a simple UI or REST interface (using SQL commands) and the customers' data is protected with "multiple layers of security, replicated across multiple data centers and can be easily exported."

It is worth noting that while Amazon doesn't offer a Big Data tool, its web services offer customers the necessary tools to tackle Big Data issues.

Source : Google

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