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HP Laptop With AMD Trinity APU Goes On Sale In Korea For Under £500

A Korean shop called GMarket has put the HP Pavilion G6-2002AX on sale for 892,630 Korean Won, around £500. The laptop is the first we've spotted globally with the soon to be announced AMD Trinity APU.

Although the product page doesn't indicate which one it is, the clock speed - 2.3GHz - point us to the AMD A10-4600M which would come with 4MB L2 cache, four cores and four threads as well as support for 64-bit and a TDP of 35W.

Based on the Piledriver architeture, it also features an automatic turbo mode which allows it to overclock automatically in certain situatons. The A10-4600M also comes with an integrated Radeon HD 7660G GPU which offers 384 cores and a clock speed of 685MHz.

As for the rest of the laptop's features, there's a 15.6-inch display with a 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard disk drive, an optical drive, a free Logitech G1 gaming mouse and unknown discrete Radeon graphics unit which can be used together with the on-die GPU in a Crossfire mode and packs 1GB memory.

Given that the Pavilion series is HP's mainstream/consumer laptop range, it is likely that the A10 series will come to the UK and the rest of the world fairly rapidly after AMD launches Trinity in the next few weeks.

Source : GMarket

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