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iOS Mobile Browsing Is Led By iPads

Apple's new tablet has been declared the winner on iOS browser usage. Despite Apple's huge base of iPhone owners, the company's handsets fell to second place after iPads.

The browser usage from Apple tablets now has a market share of 33.7 per cent, compared to iPhone's 27.4 per cent, according to a recent Net Market Share report.

The trend is noticeable since the beginning of this year. In January, the iPhone browser usage was still on top, with 27.37 per cent, compared to iPad's 24 per cent.

In the next two months however, the two best-selling Apple devices were almost equal in terms of browser usage with 28 and 29 per cent.

The new iPad was a game changer and the iPad range took the lead on the mobile browser market. The device was released in March but its effects on the market were clearly noticeable in April.

"The iPad and iPhone have been close in browsing share for the last several months. However, upon the release of the latest version of the iPad, its share has accelerated and now tops iPhone share 33.7per cent to 27.4 per cent," says Net Market Share.

Source: NetMarketShare

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