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iPhone 5 Liquidmetal Concept Is Stunning

After a series of rumours began to circulate about Apple's intention to integrate new materials into its sixth generation iPhone, a French designer came up with a possible concept. Antoine Brieux took the reports about the innovating Liquidmetal Apple is expected to introduce a step further, and developed the so-called iPhone 5 design.

Antoine Brieux has created a sleek concept based on reports suggesting that the next iPhone will be thinner and lighter, compared to the previous versions. Brieux created a design for the iPhone Liquidmetal, also known as the iPhone 5 LM, featuring a 4.5in display and a virtual home button, unlike other iPhones.

The iPhone LM also illustrated other rumours that were published in connection with the next generation Apple handset. The concept iPhone will reportedly contain a quad-core A6 chip, a 10MP camera, an embedded SIM card and, of course, a Liquidmetal case.

Liquidmetal is rumoured to be a new metallic alloy that could make the iPhone's case tougher and smoother. Apple owned the patents since last year and the company is expected to put it at good use very soon.

We've written about another interesting iPhone concept - the iPhone Plus. The main rival, Samsung, is also preparing to release innovative materials with its new range of Galaxy devices.

Source: NoWhereElse

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