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iPhone Sales Could Reach 35 Million In China In 2013

Recent reports have pointed out that China, an under-served Apple market, will help the company boost its business. Apart from the enthusiasm of Chinese users for Apple devices, Chinese mobile phone networks have a huge subscriber base.

Every month, 10 to 12 million new users subscribe to China's 3G networks, and some of them could be easily convinced to buy an iPhone. Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank, had the most pessimistic prediction about Apple's sales, in the last quarter.

He predicted that the company would announce that 26 million iPhones would be sold. The analyst, who is focussed on Apples' business, has taken a closer look at the situation and has tried to redeem himself. "If Apple reaches 20-25 per cent penetration of this subscriber base by the end of 2013, we estimate iPhone unit sales in China would approach ~25M units in 2012 and ~35M units in 2013", says Whitmore.

He only refers to Apple's partnership with China Unicom and China Telecom. Apple might close the deal with China Mobile, the top carrier in the country, and gain even more iPhone customers. Whitmore has upped his prediction, just days after the note to investors was published.

He believes that 26 million iPhones shipped to China this year would define a conservative approach. The actual shipments might reach 33-34 million units.

Source: Tech CNN

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