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Late News: Apple's Latest Concept Mobile: iPhone Plus, BlackBerry OS 10 Unveiled, Spotify Appears on iPad

The designers at ADR have created a design for what they think a future iPhone might look like; they have even named their creation - the iPhone Plus. With the WWDC event coming up in June, the rumour mill has been going into overdrive with the potential for an iPhone 5 announcement. Whilst we all know that Apple will release the next device in its own sweet time, this hasn't stopped the designer Antonio De Rose giving us his two cents worth of speculation.

RIM has officially launched its BlackBerry 10 platform over at BlackBerry World in Florida, with the initial beta of the developer toolkit being released. The beta toolkit is available as a free download now, and is designed for native and HTML5 software development. The idea is to get app developers kick-started right now, well before BlackBerry 10 handsets emerge - as RIM clearly realises the vital importance of the app ecosystem.

The Spotify application for the iPad has finally been released, bringing an end to years of speculation about when the music streaming service would appear on the Apple platform. Head of mobile product at Spotify, Gustav Soderstrom, has been out in front discussing the new app: "We've spent a bunch of time building this application. We think the iPad is a unique device and we want to build a unique application for it."

When you're the President of the United States, sometimes certain activities you're involved in can be hard to keep secret - and yesterday was no exception, after Twitter let it slip that Obama was secretly in Kabul. On Tuesday, the White House released a fabricated itinerary - consisting of all-day meetings in the Oval Office to cover up the fact that Obama was secretly flying to Afghanistan.

Yesterday saw Twitter announce the news that the company would be improving its 'Discover' tab both on the site and for mobile apps. The Discover tool was introduced back in December as part of a major redesign for the microblogging site, with the tab designed to show trending topics and hashtags, along with suggestions of who to follow and stories to read based on details of the user's connections.