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Law Experts Claim MegaUpload Prosecution Is Unconstitutional

Echoing Mr Kim Dotcom's claims that the legal action brought against him by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) is unlawful, several legal experts have spoken out in agreement.

The latest to do so is law professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, Eric Goldman, who argued that the suit is a "depressing display of abuse of government authority" and completely unconstitutional. He believes that the reason the DoJ went after MegaUpload and its founder so heavily was to appease the entertainment industry.

"The government's prosecution of Megaupload demonstrates the implications of the government acting as a proxy for private commercial interests. The government is using its enforcement powers to accomplish what most copyright owners haven't been willing to do in civil court," Goldman wrote.

Comparing the MegaUpload website to a printing press due to its frequent distribution of new content, Mr Goldman claimed there was no legally justifiable reason to shut down such a business. He also explained that by claiming the website's content could be destroyed, the government was essentially destroying evidence and ignoring the rights of the site's members - many of whom have been shown to also be members of government and authority organisations.

Mr Goldman closes his argument by comparing the MegaUpload case to the controversial SOPA bill. In both instances, he explains that the government is kowtowing to big business and the interests of "a few multi-billion dollar companies."

Goldman is just one of several legal experts that have decried the MegaUpload suit, yet it continues unabated.

Source: TorrentFreak

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