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Multiple Gmail Accounts & Google Drive : My Experience

Like many tech-savvy addicts, I have many Gmail accounts that I use for work, personal and various other projects. Having now enabled all my accounts with Google Drive, which is replacing Google Docs storage, I'm looking for an easy access to these accounts from the desktop. After some digging around, it is clear that the Google Drive desktop application currently doesn't support multiple account (as of 2nd May 2012) - so now you know!

Here are my findings. Google's support page advises you to just switch your login. Thankfully they also state "After you've disconnected, your files will remain on your computer", however I've not yet tried this so do so at your own peril!

Also it's always worth following comments on Quora (like this thread - Google Drive: Is there a way to Sync your multiple Google accounts into one so Google Drive handles it all?). That said, like many I'm pleased to see the birth of Google Drive and I'm sure it's only a matter of time until we see many more features and I'll revisit this post (or write a new one) with more when it does.

If you have any advice / tips and tricks for Google Drive, please post comments below so we can keep our million plus readers in the loop... (ed : Expect Google to crack down - somehow - on multiple Google Drive accounts. In theory, Google Apps allows you to get up to 50GB worth of data spread over 10 accounts).