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NFC In iPhone 5 To Allow Users To Share “Gifts”

With just months to go until the release of the sixth generation iPhone, tech writers and analysts are looking for every little hint they can find about the next Apple device - with the latest in the set of rumours about the so-called iPhone 5 coming from Patently Apple.

The website discovered a new patent Apple had filed that might be integrated into the next iPhone. The patent describes "gifting" downloadable media files via NFC technology or email.

Apple introduces different methods to transfer iTunes purchases from one user's account to another user's account. Apple device owners will even be allowed to share their playlists, for a price.

The patent details how a user initiates the "gifting process" by authorising the charge to be applied to the sender. Then, the receiver needs a device capable to initiate the close range communication method.

The most common standard for this technology is NFC (Near Field Communication). The users will have the option to personalise their digital gifts or send the media files via traditional email.

The schematics published within Apple's new patent are clearly an indication to an iPhone. According to the Patently Apple report, there is no doubt that Apple plans to launch NFC technology in its device range, starting with the upcoming iPhone.

Source: PatentlyApple

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