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Noon News: HP Regains Number 1 PC Seller Title, CyanogenMod 9 Arrives on HTC One X, BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Released

HP has become the biggest PC seller again according to figures published by analyst firm Canalys. Apple hold the title for only one quarter as the analyst firm also considered the millions of iPad tablets as computers. But figures show that HP surpassed Apple by a very thin margin - 40,000 out of a total of 15.8m units. A significant drop in the number of Apple tablets being sold in the first quarter of the year helps explaining this.

The most-popular custom ROM for Android has just been made available for the HTC One X, in a version where most features are perfectly working, except for the Wi-Fi hotspot and the mobile data connection. CyanogenMod 9 brings a stock-Android experience to the HTC One X, removing the manufacturer's Sense user interface. It comes with the latest Android 4.0.4 version and an array of custom features, but full support for all hardware components has not been given.

Users of the iPad now have at their disposal a new manager for their apps. Quasar introduces itself as a novelty for iPad screens, giving users the option of resizing up to full screen mode, moving, overlapping and closing apps akin to the familiar Windows-based operating system. Quasar users can manage their documents and activities similar to that of a desktop computer, using either a Mac or a PC.

It is only a developer phone - which means that it won't be available for the general public to purchase - but the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha smartphone may well have given developers something to get excited about. The smartphone - which was briefly fondled by the guys at Engadget - has a higher screen resolution than the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook (1,024 x 768 vs. 1,280 x 768) but a much smaller screen (7in vs 4.2in).

iPhone 4 owners, who bought the rather hefty priced Gevey Ultra to unlock their handsets, have just received some intriguing news. Applenberry, the main Gevey distributor, has announced the recall for all the Gevey Ultra 5.1 for the iPhone 4 mobiles. The reason for this, is that the mechanism has stopped working, after Apple fixed the loophole that was used to unlock an iPhone. In addition, people behind Gevey were caught red-handed, as they had copy and pasted details, from another company's unlock solution.