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Quasar Tweak Adds Windows App Manager To iPad

Users of the iPad now have at their disposal a new manager for their apps. Quasar introduces itself as a novelty for iPad screens, giving users the option of resizing up to full screen mode, moving, overlapping and closing apps akin to the familiar Windows-based operating system.

Quasar users can manage their documents and activities similar to that of a desktop computer, using either a Mac or a PC. They can work on a document but still keep an eye on the webpage that is opened alongside it.

Quasar windows can be scaled and rotated to adjust the user's preferences. The only downside is that the apps are scaled to fit the window's size; the resize action doesn't allow the user to see more or less information or focus on a specific area.

The good news is that Quasar can boost iPad's functionality. With this window manager, iPad users can multitask to their heart's delight and not have to focus on every app at a time.

iPad owners can get Quasar from the Cydia Store for $9.99 (£6.99). This means that iPad users who are already keen to give Quasar a try should have a jailbroken device or be willing to use a jailbreak.

Source: TheBigBoss

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