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Spotify Appears On iPad

The Spotify application for the iPad has finally been released, bringing an end to years of speculation about when the music streaming service would appear on the Apple platform.

Head of mobile product at Spotify, Gustav Soderstrom, has been out in front discussing the new app: "We've spent a bunch of time building this application. We think the iPad is a unique device and we want to build a unique application for it."

The app is fully featured, with Spotify keen to emphasise the effort it has put into developing the port, but it is missing the latest addition of Spotify apps. These have expanded the functionality of the service on other platforms, making it seem odd that it wasn't included in this initial iPad unveiling. It is however, expected that this add-on will be made available to iPad users in good time.

For now they are able to search and play music as usual, organise playlists and sync up for offline playback and share it among friends for more of a social music listening experience.

So far Spotify on the iPad has been well received, with only a few minor complaints about the missing apps feature and the social functions being a little basic.

Do you have the app? If so, what do you think?

If not, you can pick it up from the Apple app store for free.

Source: Wired

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