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Square Trade Announces Darwin Awards For Strange Phone Accidents

"My dog ate my cell phone..." Maybe you haven't heard this before, but the unlucky phone owner who admitted this, won an award. Square Trade, a company specialising in cell phone insurance, has announced a very special edition of the Darwin awards.

The most bizarre ways to destroy a cell phone have entered the competition. The entries into this peculiar contest have revealed the most unlucky accidents that caused the demise of mobile devices.

Users have detailed how they run over their cell phones, left them in washing machines, dipped the devices into coffee mugs and so forth. The top five incidents that led to cell phone destruction were bizarre and a little unsettling: dropping the phone into a fireplace, dropping it 200 feet from the top of a wind turbine, dropping the phone into a urinal and running the phone over with a lawnmower.

Last but certainly not least, was the phone owner who detailed: "My dog ate my cell phone and my daughters entire throw blanket... Then pooped it out in cheetah print strips a week later." Square Trade's initiative, although somewhat funny, aims to raise awareness about the delicate nature of devices.

Source: SquareTrade

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